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Keyword Spy offers multiple tool-sets as a part of their membership options. We are going to review all of the tools they offer so you can decide which pricing option works best for your needs.

There are 2 core elements to your Keyword Spy membership; the Research section and the Tracking Section.

In the Research section you can search for information by typing in a domain, a keyword, a destination URL, or a piece of ad copy. The Research piece of the membership offers:

  • Domain, keyword, destination URL, and ad copy research
  • Top keyword and domain lists for organic and paid metrics
  • Data on top affiliates and affiliate products from 70 affiliate networks
  • Deeper reports on 8 of the top affiliate networks, their top products, and their top affiliates
  • A Firefox plugin for SEO and PPC research
  • An API for enterprise-level research

The Tracking portion covers:

  • PPC Competitive Research (keyword, ad, and landing page data)
  • PPC Data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! paid search
  • PPC Data from over 30 countries
  • Historical Ads of competitors
  • PPC Keyword overlap between multiple sites
  • PPC Alerts off of updates to competitors campaigns
  • Organic competitor tracking in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • Benchmarking of organic rankings between competitors
  • Organic keyword overlap

The Research and Tracking sections cover PPC and Organic search data in the following countries (all available in Google and only some available for Yahoo! and Bing):

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Malaysia
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • Philippines
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria

Unique Features

Affiliate Reports and Affiliate Intelligence


A unique feature to Keyword Spy is their Affiliate modules. There are 2 parts to their Affiliate options:

  • Affiliate Intelligence
  • Affiliate Research

Affiliate Intelligence is an overview of all the networks, products, and ads which Keyword Spy purports to have data on. In this section you will see:

  • Graphical charts representing the biggest networks (by ad count)
  • A listing of the 70 networks Keyword Spy has access to
  • Total products and total ads for each network
  • The ability to click through on the network, the products, or the ads to get more detailed information about each via the Research section

The Affiliate Reports section lets you access top products and top affiliates for 8 of the 70 networks which Keyword Spy has data on. The networks represented here are:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • LinkShare
  • PayDotCom
  • ClixGalore
  • ShareASale
  • MAXBounty
  • Trade Doubler

Inside of this section you can see an overview of top products and top affiliates for the selected network, change to view different networks, and look directly at product or affiliate detail on the selected network.

Inside of this section you can see an overview of top products and top affiliates for the selected network, change to view different networks, and look directly at product or affiliate detail on the selected network.

Keyword Spy provides the following capabilities inside of their unique affiliate research section:

  • Ability to see just the affiliate PPC ads(ad copy, the keyword being bid on, the affiliate link) for products in any of their affiliate networks (looking at affiliates promoting a specific product, like Garmin GPS for example)
  • For affiliate networks in the Affiliate Reports section (see above) you can search by product as well as by an affiliate ID and see all the keywords (and products) being pursued by a specific affiliate or for a specific product

Tracking Features


Another unique feature available to you is the ability to track your own keywords against your competition, real-time, both organically and in paid search.

Other tools offer the ability to compare your site against another site, organically and in PPC, but Keyword Spy offers daily checks on your keywords with real-time comparisons against the competition in paid and organic search results, in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

The unique features in the Tracking module include:

  • Top competitors and their percentage of keyword coverage in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Along with their average position across your entire keyword basket
  • A keyword suggestion module which recommends keywords not already in your campaign and shows the average CPC and estimated clicks per day for a top ranking ad
  • Alerts for new competitors entering your ad and/or organic space as well as new keywords that currently tracked competitors are starting to bid on and rank for

Top Lists


Another unique feature of this tool is the various types of Top Lists it provides. You’ll have access to the following lists:

  • Top Paid Ad Spenders
  • Top Ad Spenders Based on # of Keywords
  • Top Organic Sites Based on # of Keywords
  • Ad Spenders with Most Budget Change
  • Ad Spenders with Largest Change in # of Keywords
  • Organic Sites with Largest Change in # of Keywords
  • Keywords with Highest CPC
  • Keywords with Highest Cost Per Day
  • Keywords with Most Clicks Per Day
  • Keywords with Largest Cost per Click Change
  • Keywords with Largest Cost per Day Change
  • Keywords with Largest Clicks per Day Change


Keyword Spy has an easy to use online interface and generally returns results quickly. You can sort data with a filter of your choosing, based on the data points they offer (ROI, volume, affiliate ad presence, etc).

Data is exportable with a filter applied and you can export keywords into Excel, .csv, and PPC compatible (AdWords, Yahoo!, Bing) formats.



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Keyword Spy scrapes data from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing’s organic and paid search results as well as via available api’s for data like search volume and cost per click. They also utilize a proprietary internal system to find related keywords and add metrics like ROI and first/last days seen.

Keyword Spy also pulls in data from around 70 different affiliate networks to show affiliate products, affiliate ads, and affiliate-specific information on keywords and products being targeted by a specific affiliate.


Their database is over 120 million keywords and covers multiple search engines in different countries; according to a representative from Keyword Spy.


Keyword Spy updates its database and results daily according to its website.

Usage Strategies


Tips & Ideas

Just about all competitive research tools give you the ability to find keywords you are ranking for, that you can push up with additional link building and, perhaps, additional content for related keywords as well as check out the keywords with the most referral traffic for a competition and their ranking profile.

Keyword Spy’s unique affiliate research features offer you the ability to reverse engineer a specific affiliate’s and/or a specific affiliate product’s promotion strategy, profitable keywords, and landing page strategy. If your stuck trying to figure out what to promote and how to promote it, this feature gives you insights that most other competitive research tools do not.

Inside of their Tracking module, you can get daily updates on your organic and paid search to compare your overall search engine saturation against your competition’s. You can also use this feature to figure out which competitors have the stronger strategies across different search engines; which you can research further and improve on in order to outrank them.

Keyword Spy also offers up paid ad titles and descriptions as well as organic listing data (title and meta descriptions). You can use the historical archive of this data to see which combinations might be most effective for your campaigns and keywords.

Their Top Lists give you thousands of highly successful domains to begin your research on. Typically, broader sites will not be as targeted and specific as your site is on the product you are selling. These lists provide you with the cream of the crop in terms of overall organic positioning, ppc ad spend, and so on.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Keyword Spy:

  • When you add your keywords to the Tracking module, consider that you are more or less giving your data to a competitive research tool 🙂
  • Many affiliates often cloak or mask their affiliate links so you may not get access to all the affiliate data you might initially expect from an affiliate research tool
  • Remember that many of their custom metrics (like ROI) are based off of their internal data manipulation. Try not to be overly-reliant on data that is extrapolated multiple times from scraped results in search engines
  • Use your filters wisely when exporting, Keyword Spy does limit your exportable results so make sure you are maximizing your exports by using filters
  • Volume, estimated clicks, and other organic/paid data points are scraped directly from search engines and we know that data is not always super-accurate. Keep this in mind when evaluating the data returned by this tool

Sign Up


Keyword Spy has 3 levels of pricing:

  • Research $89.95 monthly – Access to Research module only (no Tracking and no Affiliate Intelligence)
  • Tracking $89.95 monthly – Tracking only (no access to Research or Affiliate Intelligence)
  • Professional $139.95 monthly – Access to Research, Tracking, and Affiliate modules)

They also offer Enterprise and Agency level pricing on a customized quote basis, with access to an API.

Free Trial

A free lifetime trial account is available which gives you limited access to the Research module and the Affiliate module. Your export limit and query limits are restricted and you generally only see the 10 or 15 keywords when using either module.

Discounts & Coupons

The current coupon code is SEoyBswMJ. Additional reliable Keyword Spy coupons can be found at RetailMeNot.Com ( and typically run at 20% off for the first month.

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